Tuesday, 1 September 2009

In each others' pockets

M and I met at university and so right from the start we were in each others' pockets, sharing friends, seeing each other in the bar, at the boathouse, in the library, at mealtimes. Going from that to only seeing him at weekends in this past year, whilst he finished off his four year degree in Cambridge and I moved back to London, seemed like a backwards step almost, and I always felt sad every Sunday evening when one or other of us had to head off and catch a train. He has been at home in Northamptonshire this summer meaning more weekend only visits, but in just under a month he is finally moving to London to begin his PhD. He's not moving in with me, but I am just so excited to have him only a tube ride away.

Before the move we have ten days in Nice together, so really there is only the upcoming fortnight left of being based in different locations. The beautiful roses he surprised me with on Friday are keeping me company whilst I while the time away, along with plans of things to do once he is London based.

I am looking forward to Sunday nights spent not alone, but curled up together on the sofa with a DVD, to week night suppers and drinks in the local, to Monday mornings sympathising about the upcoming week over tea and toast, and impromptu weekday lunches.

In addition (and I would never have said this a few years ago, being a born and bred North Londoner) I am actually quite looking forward to getting to know an area of South London (gasp!) better. M will be living near Oval, and though I know the area a bit as Anna has also lived near Oval for the past year, it will be good to explore the area more thoroughly (and have a base following nights out in South London...Vauxhall roller disco here we come!).

Here's to being back in your pocket M.

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